About Us

Why we do what we do

Community Transport exists to fill the gaps left by conventional public transport services. Schemes such as ours are open to people in our operating area who are without their own available transport and are unable to use public transport, either because of ill health, disability or because there is no service meeting their needs. In North Norfolk there are even some areas with no public transport service at all.

Around 29% of the population of North Norfolk is over 65, compared with the Norfolk average of 21.8% and 17% nationally. Many older people rely on our services and we owe it to the community to ensure we are able to provide services to as many people as possible and continue to make transport accessible.

Our vision statement

Bringing our communities together

Our mission statement

North Norfolk Community Transport is a registered charity improving wellbeing and accessibility in the community, and reducing social isolation. We do this through running friendly and inclusive transport schemes for everybody.

How we do this…

We provide a timely, reliable and high quality service. We will achieve our mission through steady growth where there is a proven long term need and a sustainable funding source.

We are a registered charity and our social enterprise aims are aligned with our charitable purposes. We are a member of Norfolk Community Transport Association and Community Transport Associations UK.


Single trips per year

School buses every day

Over fifty volunteers

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